Excuse the site while we work on it's appearance !
Please click here to login and check it out.
I created this site as an alternative to other streaming music websites.
At Waylostreams the artist controls the price of a download or a stream.
At the moment only my music is up!
Search for Sean Wayland to find it!
Most of my albums are up.
292 songs!
New users can get 10 free credits with an email address.
It's possible to buy 10,000 credits with paypal.
At the moment all my songs can be streamed for 1 cent each.
Any song can be purchased for 25 cents.
I have created a page for other artists to upload but please don't use it!
If it works for my music then hopefully other artists eventually add music to use it.
I personally think the idea of streaming your entire catalog for free sux.
Waylostreams allows people to check music out cheaply and pay to download it.
I can be contacted at seanwayland at gmail ...
Surely this is better than moaning about Spotify on social media!